Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar 9/25-9/27

Course 2 Update:

Last week we worked a lot with adding and subtracting integers. For adding, we learned a new song (ask your student to sing it). Look here for a review of adding integers.  We also learned there are three important letters for subtracting (L.C.O.).


Pre-Algebra Update:

Last week we continued working with integers as well. We've adding, subtracted, multiplied, and divided them. Hopefully we can keep all the different rules straight in our heads!

This Week's Homework Calendar:

Monday, September 24

No School

Tuesday, September 25

C2: Retake Mid-Chapter Quiz

PA: Chapter 2 Project

Wednesday, September 26

C2: 3C Multiply and 3D Divide Integers
HW: Pg EP6 Part BC #2-20 even, Part D #2-16 even

PA: Chapter 2 Project

Thursday, September 27

C2: Catch-up/Quia Activitiy
HW: Corrections and Missing Work

PA: Chapter 2 Project - Present
HW: Corrections and Missing Work

Friday, September 28

No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

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