Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lessons for Monday, 9/17

Course 2: Lesson 1C: Coordinate Plane

Remember today we plotted points on a coordinate plane.
We always write a point with like this: (x-coordinate, y-coordinate).
The coordinate plane is broken up into 4 quadrants and they are labeled as follows:

Here is a Khan Academy video about our lesson today.

Try this Khan academy activity to practice plotting points and naming quadrants. Click here.


Pre-Algebra: Lesson 2-2: Adding Integers

Remember our song/poem for adding integers:
"Same signs add and keep,
Different signs subtract,
Keep the sign of the higher number,
Then it will be exact."

Here's another way of writing the Rules:
When the integers have the SAME signs:
1. Add the numbers together.
2. Keep the same sign.

When the integers have DIFFERENT signs.
1. Ignore the signs.
2. Subtract the 2 numbers.
3. Give the answer the sign of the larger number (number with greater absolute value).

Here's a Khan Academy video explaining this concept:
Try this Khan academy activity to practice adding integers. Click here.

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