Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar 9/17-9/21

Wow! We had a busy week! We had our first test (and everyone did wonderful!!) and started Chapter 2.  Chapter 2 is about integers (positive and negative numbers); Thursday we took a pretest on the computer. Today we learned about Absolute Value; find an overview of the lesson here.
Find the Challenge Problem here.

Here's a few pictures and videos to show you what we've been up to in class!

Used our online textbook (here) to fill out the Chapter 2 Glossary.

Used Quia (here) to practice Chapter 2 Vocabulary.

The online textbook (link above) is a great resource when you have a full backpack!
Worked with partners to practice Absolute Value.
Best part of Fridays! Minute To Win It, if you haven't heard about this, ask your student how they get to play! This week's game: Junk In Your Trunk!

Homework Calendar:

Monday, September 17

C2: Lesson 1C: Coordinate Plane
HW: Pg 84 #10-32 even, 38, 41

PA: 2-2 Adding Integers

HW: Pg 64 #16-54 even

Tuesday, September 18

C2: 2B: Adding Integers
HW: Pg 91 #12-28 even, 36

PA: 2-3 Subtracting Integers
HW: Pg 72 #10-32 even

Wednesday, September 19

C2: 2D: Subtracting Integers
HW: PG 97 #14-36 even

PA: Mid-Chapter Quiz
HW: None! (Corrections)

Thursday, September 20 - Miss Dees Gone

C2: Adding & Subtracting Integers
HW: Worksheet

PA: 2-4: Multiplying Integers
HW: Pg 88 #12-36 even, 49

Friday, September 21

C2: Mid-Chapter Quiz
HW: None! (Corrections)

PA: 2-5 Dividing Integers
HW: Pg 95 #14-32 even

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