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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pre-Algebra Lesson 10/31

Today we talked about the Distributive Property. Do you need a little more explanation?

Well, Here's a quick review!
The Distributive Property is a property of numbers that ties the operation of addition (or subtraction) and multiplication together.

It says that for ANY numbers a, b and c, a%2A%28b%2Bc%29+=+a%2Ab%2Ba%2Ac. For those used to multiplications without the multiplication sign, a%28b%2Bc%29+=+ab%2Bac.
The same property applies when there is subtraction instead of addition: a*(b-c) = a*b - a*c.

How it is used: The distributive property is used when something in parentheses ( ) is multiplied by something, or, in reverse, when you need to take some common multiplier OUT of the parentheses.
Taking x INTO parentheses:
Taking a OUT of parentheses: %0D%0Acartoon%28+%0D%0A++ax%2Bay%2C%0D%0A++a%28x%2By%29%0D%0A%29+.

You've read it, now how about some Khan Academy help!?!

Course 2 Test

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Algebra Chapter 4 Pre-Test

Use this link for the Pre-Test:

Homework Calendar 10/29-11/2

Homework Calendar

Monday, October 29:

Course 2: Chapter 3 Review
Homework: Study!
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 4 Pre Test
Homework: Glossary

Tuesday, October 30:

Course 2: Chapter 3 Celebration of Knowledge
Homework:  Corrections/Missing Work
Pre-Algebra:  4-1: Distributive Property

Homework: Pg 176 #10-30 even

Wednesday, October 31:

Course 2: Problem Solving: Flair for Fashion
Homework: Finish Worksheet
Pre-Algebra:  4-2: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Homework: Pg 183 #16-42 even

Thursday, November 1:

Course 2: Chapter 4 Pre-Test
Homework: Glossary
Pre-Algebra:  4-3 Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting
Homework: Pg 189 #12-48 even

Friday, November 2:

Course 2: Lesson 1B: Solve Addition & Subtraction Equations with Bar Diagrams
Homework: Worksheet
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 4 Mid-Chapter Quiz
Homework: Corrections

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Videos for 10/24

Please show these videos to Course 2 classes in this order.

Making the foldable. Everyone will need a piece of construction paper.

Filling in the rules for the Foldable.

Course 2: Monomials

Today in class we learned about monomials.

Remember a monomial is an expression with multiplication. It can have numbers and or variables and may contain exponents.

We worked with monomials that had exponents today in class.

Remember these tricks?

When you have exponents with the same base (same big number) being multiplied together, you can just add their exponents to get your answer.

When you have exponents with the same base (same big number) being divided, you can just subtract their exponents to get your answer.

Watch this video from one of my classes.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar

Course 2:

We have wrapped up Quarter 1, and it was an awesome way to start the school year! We have now added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided fractions. We will now move on to some topics found in pre-algebra including monomials and negative exponents.


We have wrapped up Quarter 1, and it was an awesome way to start the school year! We completed our chapter 3 projects last week; the students worked with recipe servings as a group.  Their entire project is on Google Drive, ask them to show it to you!

Homework Calendar

Monday, October 22:

Course 2: No School!

Tuesday, October 23:

Course 2: 4A: Multiply/Divide Monomials
Homework: Pg 179 #12-36 even
Pre-Algebra: Create Smart Notebook Game to Review Fractions - partner


Wednesday, October 24: - Miss Dees Gone

Course 2: Extra Practice with Fractions
Homework: Fraction Rules Foldable; EP8 Part BC #2,4,6,8; Part D #2,4,6,8; Part A #2,4,6,8; EP9 Part D #2,4,6,8
Pre-Algebra: Create Smart Notebook Game to Review Fractions - partner

Thursday, October 25:

Course 2: 4B: Negative Exponents
Homework: Pg 183 #14-42 even
Pre-Algebra: Create Smart Notebook Game to Review Fractions - partner
Homework: Study for Test

Friday, October 26:

Course 2: 4C: Scientific Notation
Homework: Pg 187 #14-38 even
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Celebration of Knowledge

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lessons for 10/17

Course 2: Multiply Fractions

Remember you do NOT need common denominators for this!
You just simply multiply across, then simplify.

Here's a video from the lesson 7th hour...enjoy!


Pre-Algebra: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

You MUST have common denominators. I like the "spelling book" method; this was learned in 6th grade.
You then just add or subtract the numerators and simplify.

Here's a video of our lesson in class; this was the first one I'd ever done this way. It's very hard to hear the class, however it still shows our entire lesson (and you can hear my wonderful voice!) :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mid Chapter 3 Quiz

Use these links to go directly to the Mid-Chapter quiz.

Course 2:


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lessons for 10/15

Course 2: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Here's a quick review for adding and subtracting fractions.

Remember you have to have a common denominator.  Use the "spelling book" method to do this. It is easier to use the least common denominator, by finding the least common multiple between the two fractions.  Remember to also simplify your answers.

Let Khan Academy help you review:

And, today's lesson! It may be about mixed numbers, however the process is the same.  Add or subtract the whole numbers, then the fractions (with common denominators) and simplify. Remember, just like when subtracting whole numbers, you may need to borrow!

Again, hear it from Mr. Khan!



Pre-Algebra: Dividing Fractions:

Remember Thursday's lesson on multiplying fractions. It was simple, multiply straight across. Numerator x Numerator and Denominator x Denominator.
Review Video from Khan Academy:

Today's lesson is on dividing fractions. This is a lot like multiplying, only you have to remember KFC (you know, like the fried chicken!).
K-Keep the first fractions
F-Flip the second fraction (or find the reciprocal)
C- Change operation to multiplication're going to be multiplying by the reciprocal every time you see division!

Perhaps you'd like to hear it straight from Mr. Khan!?

AR Due!

Your first quarter AR goals are due on Tuesday, October 16th.

Remember you need 100% of your points, 85% correct on tests, 2 nonfiction, 1 literacy skills, and 2 vocab!

I will be available after school on Monday if you want to stay and read/test after school. Please notify me if you plan on staying.

Lunch Detentions

On Friday, October 12, students received notice of missing assignments. 

Everyone with a missing assignment has been assigned a lunch detention in my room until all work is completed and turned in. 

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Dees.

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar

Course 2:

Last week rational numbers were introduced. Ask your child to tell you what rational numbers are, we're practicing on memorizing this definition.  We converted between decimals and fractions and began adding and subtracting fractions. 


We have begun working with rational numbers, starting with converting between fractions and decimals.  We've also multiplied fractions.  Ask your child what she or he can achieve that will allow them to skip their homework assignment! We will be doing a project in class soon where students need to have 3 favorite family recipes.

Homework Calendar

Monday, October 15:

Course 2: 2D: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers
Homework: Pg 155 #10-26 even
Pre-Algebra: 3-4 Dividing Fractions
Homework: Pg

Tuesday, October 16:

Course 2: Mid-Chapter Check
Homework: Corrections/Missing Work
Pre-Algebra: Finish Mid-Chapter Check
Homework: Corrections/Missing Work

Wednesday, October 17:

Course 2: 3B: Multiply Fractions
Homework: Pg 163 #8-20 all
Pre-Algebra: 3-6 Adding Unlike Fractions
Homework: Pg

Thursday, October 18:

Course 2: 3D: Dividing Fractions
Homework: Pg 171 #11-20 all
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Project
Homework: Chapter Project Due Tomorrow!

Friday, October 19:

Course 2: Review Fractions
Homework: Missing Work/Corrections
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Project

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mid Chapter 3 Quiz - Pre-Algebra

Use the following link to take your Mid Chapter Quiz. Good Luck!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar 10/8-10/12

Course 2:

Last week we finished up chapter 2 about integers.  Everyone worked very hard and did well on their test. As the tests get graded, grades will be entered on PowerSchool.  Students can also check their Quia accounts to see their test and how they scored on each question.


We finished chapter 2 and tested over integers last week.  The students are continuing to impress me with their hard work.  Test grades are in PowerSchol, students have their paper test, and they may log into their Quia accounts to see their online test.

Homework Calendar

Monday, October 8:

Course 2: Chapter 3 Pre-Test
Homework: Glossary
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Pre-Test
Homework: Glossary

Tuesday, October 9:

Course 2: Terminating and Repeating Decimals
Homework: Pg 131 #14-36 even
Pre-Algebra: Fractions and Decimals
Homework: Pg 127 #16-40 even

Wednesday, October 10:

Course 2: Compare & Order Rational Numbers
Homework: Pg 136 #8-22 even
Pre-Algebra: Rational Numbers
Homework: Pg 133 #12-36 even

Thursday, October 11:

Course 2: Add/Subtract Like Fractions
Homework: Pg 142 #10-30 even
Pre-Algebra: Multiplying Rational Numbers
Homework: Pg 139 #16-42 even

Friday, October 12:

Course 2: Add/Subtract Unlike Fractions
Homework: Pg 149 #11-23 all
Pre-Algebra: Mid-Chapter Quiz
Homework: Corrctions, Missing work, Enrichment

Chapter 3 Pre-Tests

Use these links to reach YOUR Chapter 3 pretests on Quia. Please make sure you're clicking on the correct class.

Course 2:


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Conferences Extra Credit

I have entered extra credit for Parent Teacher Conferences! Please check PowerSchool to make sure you received credit if you came!

Students who brought their parents received 25 points extra credit.

Parents who came without students earned their student 10 points extra credit.

If you were unable to come to conferences, and would like to set up a time to talk please let me know, or we can conduct conferences over email.

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Test Friday!

We will have our second Celebration of Knowledge on Friday!!!

I can't wait to see how much you've learned this chapter, I know there will be a lot of  celebrating!

Use your study guide from class, and remember the extra credit assignment given in class is a helpful way to study!

Predicting Space Storms

Today in class we are learning about a career as a space weather forecaster.  Someone in this career uses spacecraft, telescopes, radar, and supercomputers to monitor the sun, solar winds, and the space environment in order to forecast the weather in space.

A space weather forecaster has to take many math and science courses.  If you are interested in this career, you may want to take some of these classes in high school: astronomy, earth science, calculus, physics, and chemistry.

Did you know? Magnetic storms in space can distort aircraft radio signals and navigation devices, pump extra electricity into power lines and pipelines causing blackouts and fuel leaks, and disrupt the work of satellites.  In 1997, a communications satellite went dead after a coronal mass ejection, or an explosion of solar particles from the sun.  As a result, television signals, telephone calls, and part of a U.S. earth-quake monitoring system were all disrupted.

Here are some interesting videos about space weather and space storms.

Monitoring Solar Storms Activity at the National Space Weather Center
(Video from Discovery Education and United Streaming)

Flare-Up: Solar Storms Caus Problems on Earth
(Video from NBC Learn)

Martian Dust Devils  Orbiter Sees Stormy Weather on Mars
(Video from NBC Learn)


Lose your worksheet? Print a new one!
(They are .jpeg pictures, the only way I can link them on the blog)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Challenge Problem 10/2-10/7

Here's this week's challenge problem! Solve this problem with family or friends and bring your answer to class. Remember to turn it in (with your NAME) to the clear box in the classroom. All answers are due by the end of the school day on Friday. Good Luck and Happy Solving!!

An apple farmer went to town to sell a truck full of apples.  At his first stop, he sold 1/3 of his apples.  On the way to the next stop, he wrecked his truck and lost 1/3 of the remaining apples.  Of those he had left, the farmer gave away 1/2 to some children.  He then had 80 apples left. How many apples did the farmer have when he started his trip?

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar 10/2-10/5

Course 2 Update:

Last week we took a mid-chapter quiz online at Have your student show you their quiz if they haven't already. We will be using this site for all tests and quizzes in the future. We also multiplied and divided integers; these rules are much easier to remember than adding and subtracting! On Thursday, we worked on corrections and missing work; when it was finished we used the blog to play games reviewing integers (you may use this as a tool to study with at home).  Students with remaining corrections and missing work were instructed to complete them over the long weekend.


Pre-Algebra Update:

Last week we worked on our Chapter 2 project; it was all about high and low temperatures.  Students worked together in small groups to complete this project; everyone did a great job. I am very pleased with the outcome.  If you'd like to see your student's final outcome, come check out the bulletin board by Mr. Johnson's room, everything is on display there!

This Week's Homework Calendar:

Monday, October 1

No School

Tuesday, October 2 - Miss Dees gone

C2: Integer Rules and Cartesian Cartoon 
HW: Finish Worksheets

PA: Integer Rules and Cartesian Cartoon
 HW: Finish Worksheets

Wednesday, October 3

C2: Problem Solving in Astronomy
HW: Finish Worksheet

PA: 2-7 Translations
HW: Pg 

Thursday, October 4

C2: Test Review
HW: Corrections and Missing Work

PA: Test Review
HW: Corrections and Missing Work

Friday, October 5

C2: Chapter 2 Celebration of Knowledge

PA: Chapter 2 Celebration of Knowledge