Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lessons for 10/15

Course 2: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Here's a quick review for adding and subtracting fractions.

Remember you have to have a common denominator.  Use the "spelling book" method to do this. It is easier to use the least common denominator, by finding the least common multiple between the two fractions.  Remember to also simplify your answers.

Let Khan Academy help you review:

And, today's lesson! It may be about mixed numbers, however the process is the same.  Add or subtract the whole numbers, then the fractions (with common denominators) and simplify. Remember, just like when subtracting whole numbers, you may need to borrow!

Again, hear it from Mr. Khan!



Pre-Algebra: Dividing Fractions:

Remember Thursday's lesson on multiplying fractions. It was simple, multiply straight across. Numerator x Numerator and Denominator x Denominator.
Review Video from Khan Academy:

Today's lesson is on dividing fractions. This is a lot like multiplying, only you have to remember KFC (you know, like the fried chicken!).
K-Keep the first fractions
F-Flip the second fraction (or find the reciprocal)
C- Change operation to multiplication're going to be multiplying by the reciprocal every time you see division!

Perhaps you'd like to hear it straight from Mr. Khan!?

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