Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar

Course 2:

Last week rational numbers were introduced. Ask your child to tell you what rational numbers are, we're practicing on memorizing this definition.  We converted between decimals and fractions and began adding and subtracting fractions. 


We have begun working with rational numbers, starting with converting between fractions and decimals.  We've also multiplied fractions.  Ask your child what she or he can achieve that will allow them to skip their homework assignment! We will be doing a project in class soon where students need to have 3 favorite family recipes.

Homework Calendar

Monday, October 15:

Course 2: 2D: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers
Homework: Pg 155 #10-26 even
Pre-Algebra: 3-4 Dividing Fractions
Homework: Pg

Tuesday, October 16:

Course 2: Mid-Chapter Check
Homework: Corrections/Missing Work
Pre-Algebra: Finish Mid-Chapter Check
Homework: Corrections/Missing Work

Wednesday, October 17:

Course 2: 3B: Multiply Fractions
Homework: Pg 163 #8-20 all
Pre-Algebra: 3-6 Adding Unlike Fractions
Homework: Pg

Thursday, October 18:

Course 2: 3D: Dividing Fractions
Homework: Pg 171 #11-20 all
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Project
Homework: Chapter Project Due Tomorrow!

Friday, October 19:

Course 2: Review Fractions
Homework: Missing Work/Corrections
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Project

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