Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar 10/8-10/12

Course 2:

Last week we finished up chapter 2 about integers.  Everyone worked very hard and did well on their test. As the tests get graded, grades will be entered on PowerSchool.  Students can also check their Quia accounts to see their test and how they scored on each question.


We finished chapter 2 and tested over integers last week.  The students are continuing to impress me with their hard work.  Test grades are in PowerSchol, students have their paper test, and they may log into their Quia accounts to see their online test.

Homework Calendar

Monday, October 8:

Course 2: Chapter 3 Pre-Test
Homework: Glossary
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Pre-Test
Homework: Glossary

Tuesday, October 9:

Course 2: Terminating and Repeating Decimals
Homework: Pg 131 #14-36 even
Pre-Algebra: Fractions and Decimals
Homework: Pg 127 #16-40 even

Wednesday, October 10:

Course 2: Compare & Order Rational Numbers
Homework: Pg 136 #8-22 even
Pre-Algebra: Rational Numbers
Homework: Pg 133 #12-36 even

Thursday, October 11:

Course 2: Add/Subtract Like Fractions
Homework: Pg 142 #10-30 even
Pre-Algebra: Multiplying Rational Numbers
Homework: Pg 139 #16-42 even

Friday, October 12:

Course 2: Add/Subtract Unlike Fractions
Homework: Pg 149 #11-23 all
Pre-Algebra: Mid-Chapter Quiz
Homework: Corrctions, Missing work, Enrichment

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