Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Update and Homework Calendar 10/2-10/5

Course 2 Update:

Last week we took a mid-chapter quiz online at Have your student show you their quiz if they haven't already. We will be using this site for all tests and quizzes in the future. We also multiplied and divided integers; these rules are much easier to remember than adding and subtracting! On Thursday, we worked on corrections and missing work; when it was finished we used the blog to play games reviewing integers (you may use this as a tool to study with at home).  Students with remaining corrections and missing work were instructed to complete them over the long weekend.


Pre-Algebra Update:

Last week we worked on our Chapter 2 project; it was all about high and low temperatures.  Students worked together in small groups to complete this project; everyone did a great job. I am very pleased with the outcome.  If you'd like to see your student's final outcome, come check out the bulletin board by Mr. Johnson's room, everything is on display there!

This Week's Homework Calendar:

Monday, October 1

No School

Tuesday, October 2 - Miss Dees gone

C2: Integer Rules and Cartesian Cartoon 
HW: Finish Worksheets

PA: Integer Rules and Cartesian Cartoon
 HW: Finish Worksheets

Wednesday, October 3

C2: Problem Solving in Astronomy
HW: Finish Worksheet

PA: 2-7 Translations
HW: Pg 

Thursday, October 4

C2: Test Review
HW: Corrections and Missing Work

PA: Test Review
HW: Corrections and Missing Work

Friday, October 5

C2: Chapter 2 Celebration of Knowledge

PA: Chapter 2 Celebration of Knowledge

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