Thursday, November 29, 2012

Show & Tell!

Pre-Algebra classes just wrapped up their chapter 4 projects! This project had them producing and budgeting plays! Ask your child which play they created. Here's a look at the display currently outside Mr. Johnson's room of all of their hard work. If you're at school during the next few weeks, stop by and take a look!

All This Talk of Powerball...

I've heard a lot about people winning millions at Powerball this week...SO I devided to have a few contests in the classroom!



At the end of the quarter, if everyone in homeroom has earned their AR goal, I'll cook breakfast!!
Remember, AR goals include 100% points, 85 percent correct, 2 Vocab tests, 2 Non-Fiction tests, and 1 Literacy Skills test. AR goals are due on Dec 18th.


Math Classes:

I've counted up the missing assignments! The class with the LEAST number of missing assignments on December 17th with win a lunch party!
Yes, if every class ends up with zero missing assignments, I'll be okay having 4 parties!

Current Standings:

Keep working hard on those assignments!! If you're ever wondering what you're missing, email or Facebook me!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Grading, Grading, Grading!

It is exactly 10:17 as I start this post. I have been grading I left school, with the exception of dinner and a quick trip to the grocery store. Why so much grading, you ask? Check out how many papers were turned in today!

Yep, that's a TON of corrections and missing work. I'm very glad so many were hard workers over your weekend! I have graded about 75% of these papers, and they are posted on Power School. I will finish them up tomorrow and hope to get everyone new missing assignment print outs by Wednesday.

On a different note, all quizzes have been graded as well. Check Power School for your grade. I will be giving these back tomorrow along with a slip telling you how to correct them. I still have about 10 of you who need to complete your quiz! Come see me in Homeroom!!

Now that it's 10:21, it's time for this teacher to hit the hay; she has quite a few 7th graders who will be awaiting her bright and early! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pre-Algebra Chapter 5 Pre-Test

Link to the Pre-Test:

After your test, work on finishing your poster to advertise your play.
Remember to include:
  • Title
  • Dates
  • Place
  • Ticket Price
  • Actors
  • Anything you think would make someone attend your play!

Here are some examples:

Challenge Problem 11/26-11/30

The Kingston Parks and Recreation Department is planning a new park that will be 100 yards long and 85 yards wide.  The department recommended that trees be planted along the perimeter of the park at equal distances from each other and as far apart as possible.  How far apart can the trees be planted?

Homework Calendar

Monday, November 26

Course 2: Lesson 3B Two-Step Equations

Homework: Pg 232 #1-7 all (SHOW ALL STEPS!! WRITE NEATLY)

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 5 PreTest; Finish Chapter 4 Projects

Homework: Chapter 5 Glossary

Tuesday, November 27

Course 2: Lesson 3B: Day 2

Homework: Pg 233 #8-26 even

Pre-Algebra: 5-1 Perimeter & Area

Homework: Pg 226 #4- 15 all

Wednesday, November 28

Course 2: Lesson 3D: Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Homework: Pg 238 #1-10 all

Pre-Algebra: 5-2: Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Homework: Pg 233 #8-16 all

Thursday, November 29

Course 2: Lesson 3D: Day 2

Homework: Pg 238 #12-30 even

Pre-Algebra: 5-2: Day 2

Homework: Pg 233 #17-25 all

Friday, November 30 (68% AR)

Course 2: Sprial Review

Homework: Pg 226 #48-57 all; Pg 234 #35-43 all

Pre-Algebra: Sprial Review

Homework: Pg 228 #30-40 all; Pg 235 #39-49 all

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Work on corrections and missing work over break. (Use your highlighted grade sheet, yellow-corrections and pink-missing). You have lost your sheet, check Powerschool or email me!

Course 2:

If you have finished your quiz, your grade is posted. Here's how we'll do corrections:
(Your grade will be refigured including corrections.)
If your score is a 90% or above: no corrections needed.
If your score is 70-89%, do the following: Pg 227 #2-22 even
If your score is 69% or below do the following: Pg 227 #2-23 all (SKIP #6)
All corrections are due on Monday, November 26!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's Lessons

Pre-Algebra: 4-4 Solve One-Step Multiplication and Division Equations

Division Property of Equality - When you divide each side of an equation by the same number, the two sides remain equal.

Multiplication Property of Equality - When you multiply each side of an equation by the same number, the two sides remain equal.

Remember, always use the inverse operation to solve an equation. The inverse operations undo each other (multiplication/division).

Here's the video from our lesson in class today:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Schedule Change! Pre-Algebra

Wednesday November 7th

Review Distributive Property and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions.

Helpful videos from the textbook. (they will ask you to log in using your ConnectEd user name and password from your planner).


New Assignment:
Pg EP8 (Back of book) 4-1 #7-21 odd; 4-2 #2-24 even

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Solving Addition and Subtractiong One-Step Equations

Review of Pre-Algebra Lesson 4-3

equation - a math sentence that contains an equals sign (=), showing that two expressions are equal.
solution - the value of the variable that makes an equation true
inverse operations - operations that "undo" each other --addition/subtraction and multiplication/division
equivalent equations - equations that have the same solution

Remember to always use the inverse operation to solve!!

Always do the same to both sides!!

Video of lesson in class:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pre-Algebra Lesson 11/1

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Term- each part of expression
Coefficient - numerical part of term, number in front of variable
Like terms - terms with same variable
Constant - terms without a variable, number only

Want to watch Today's lesson from class over Simplifying Algebraic Expressions? Here it is! Enjoy!!!

Course 2 Pre-Test

Use this link to access the PRE-TEST:

If you're not finished with the TEST, use this link:

After you complete your test and glossary, try one of these vocabulary activities:
Jumbled Words
Word Search, Flash Cards, Matching Concentration