Thursday, November 29, 2012

All This Talk of Powerball...

I've heard a lot about people winning millions at Powerball this week...SO I devided to have a few contests in the classroom!



At the end of the quarter, if everyone in homeroom has earned their AR goal, I'll cook breakfast!!
Remember, AR goals include 100% points, 85 percent correct, 2 Vocab tests, 2 Non-Fiction tests, and 1 Literacy Skills test. AR goals are due on Dec 18th.


Math Classes:

I've counted up the missing assignments! The class with the LEAST number of missing assignments on December 17th with win a lunch party!
Yes, if every class ends up with zero missing assignments, I'll be okay having 4 parties!

Current Standings:

Keep working hard on those assignments!! If you're ever wondering what you're missing, email or Facebook me!

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