Monday, November 26, 2012

Grading, Grading, Grading!

It is exactly 10:17 as I start this post. I have been grading I left school, with the exception of dinner and a quick trip to the grocery store. Why so much grading, you ask? Check out how many papers were turned in today!

Yep, that's a TON of corrections and missing work. I'm very glad so many were hard workers over your weekend! I have graded about 75% of these papers, and they are posted on Power School. I will finish them up tomorrow and hope to get everyone new missing assignment print outs by Wednesday.

On a different note, all quizzes have been graded as well. Check Power School for your grade. I will be giving these back tomorrow along with a slip telling you how to correct them. I still have about 10 of you who need to complete your quiz! Come see me in Homeroom!!

Now that it's 10:21, it's time for this teacher to hit the hay; she has quite a few 7th graders who will be awaiting her bright and early! :)

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