Monday, September 3, 2012

Homework Calendar 9/4-9/7

Monday, September 3

No School

Tuesday, September 4

C2: 2B: Sequences
HW: Pg 47 #6-18 even, 28, 41
Enrichment Opportunity Given

PA: 1-5 Words, Equations, Tables Graphs
HW: Pg 35 #4-10 even, 12-14 Enrichment Opportunity Given


Wednesday, September 5

C2: Mid-Chapter Check (Quiz)
HW: None!

PA: Introduce Chapter 1 Project
HW: Thinking about project

Thursday, September 6

C2: 3B Squares and Square Roots
HW: Pg 55 #10-28 even

PA: Chapter 1 Project (In class, with group)
HW: Anything given by group to work on project

Friday, September 7

C2: The Five Dog Night Activity
HW: Finish

PA: Chapter 1 Project (Work in class to finish) 
HW: None, Corrections

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