Sunday, September 9, 2012

Challenge Problem 9/10-9/14

Here's this week's challenge problem! Solve this problem with family or friends and bring your answer to class. Remember to turn it in (with your NAME) to the clear box in the classroom. All answers are due by the end of the school day on Friday. Good Luck and Happy Solving!!

Jane goes to the grocery store to buy bones for her dog.  The butcher tells her that bones come in 3-pound packages for $4.50 or in 5-pound packages for $6.58.  Jane wants at least 17 pounds of bones.  How many packages of each size should she purchase to get the best buy?

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  1. ANSWER: Four 3-pound packages plus one 5-pound packages equals 17 pounds for $24.58 BUT three 5-pound packages plus one 3-pound package equals 18 pounds for $24.24.