Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Videos for Lesson - Wednesday 2/27

Dear Substitute, 

Please show the following videos to the appropriate class BEFORE giving the assignment. These videos should help refresh students' memory of previously taught lessons.

Thank you!

All Core Math Classes:

Percent of a Number

Remember, we learned two ways of doing this....

Percent Proportion

is/of = percent/100 OR part/whole = percent/100

Percent Equation.

part = percent x whole  (percent MUST be a decimal)

YOU may choose YOUR FAVORITE way to solve the problems in your homework, but you MUST show your work.

Course 2 Assignment: EP 16 Part AB #1-20 all

Pre-Algebra Assignment: EP 16 Part 7-5 #1-16 all

Target Math Class:

Integer Addition - remember how we solved them using the sticks. 

As you complete your assignment, you may use the manipulative sticks or draw pictures if necessary.

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