Sunday, February 24, 2013

Videos for Lesson - Monday 2/25

Dear Substitute, 

Please show the following videos to the appropriate class BEFORE giving the assignment. These videos should help refresh students' memory of previously taught lessons.

Thank you!

Course 2 (Hour 2, 7, 8)

Percent of Change (helpful hints are written on the white board)

Homework: Percent Change Worksheet (below) - Due Tuesday!
(Show ALL work, you may use the back or another sheet, if needed.)

Pre-Algebra (Hour 3)

Percent Equation (all problems should be solved with an equation, showing all work)
part = percent x whole --> percents are written as a decimal

Homework: Percent Equations Worksheet (below) - Due Tuesday 
(Show ALL work, you may use the back or another sheet if needed.)

Math Target (Hour 4)

Using Integers in the Real World

Types of Numbers

Classwork: Integer Addition/Subtraction Worksheet
Choose one of the following ways to solve: 
1. Concrete: Use the manipulatives (sticks).
2. Representational: Draw pictures of the sticks.
3. Abstract: Think of the pictures in your head.

*Please complete worksheet and have it graded by the teacher. Correct problems missed until all problems are correct.

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