Saturday, February 23, 2013

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

We've had a mini-vacation from school these past few days and I'm missing all of my wonderful seventh graders. Since I can't teach you, I thought I could share some YouTube videos about percents with you! 

 Remember, you can always send me a message or email asking for some missing assignments to work on! :)

Percent of a Number Song 

  • defines a percent
  • relates percents, fractions, decimals
  • defines percent of change

Introduction to Percents

(In case the snow day caused you to forget everything you've learned!)

Percent Equation Review

part = percent x whole

Use Percent Equation to find Sale Price

Percent Proportion

is / of = percent / 100 OR part / whole = percent / 100

Percent of Change

(final - original) / original = decimal --> change decimal to percent
positive number --> percent increase
negative number --> percent decrease

Need a little laugh??? Here's a Percent Song!

I think Mrs. Rooks, Mr. Hull and I should do a remake of this song...what do you think??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! I hope to see everyone on Monday! :)

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