Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Update 4/30-5/4

Homework Schedule:

Monday 4/30:

Course 2: Pg 377 #1-2all
Pre-Algebra: 8-5 Video (Pg 413 #12-24 all - in class)

Tuesday 5/1:

Course 2: MAP TEST - attendance is important
Pre-Algebra: MAP TEST - attendance is important

Wednesday 5/2:

Course 2: Pg 380 #5-9all
Pre-Algebra: 8-6 Video (Pg 421 #5-13, 15 - in class)

Thursday 5/3:

Course 2: Pg 388 #7-15all
Pre-Algebra: 8-7 Video (Pg 436 #8-19 all - in class)

Friday 5/4


Three Cheers For:

Everyone who helped the Humane Society this week by bringing coins to their homeroom!

Challenge Problem:

This week:

It is believed that people generally gain weight in the colder months in large part due to this lack of physical activity. Lou decided to be pro‐active about this and promised himself he would exercise at least four days of every week (Sun-Sat). If Lou never wants to skip exercising on consecutive days within a calendar week, and he exercises exactly four days out of the seven, how many different workout schedules are possible for a calendar week?

Last week:

Heather noticed that the high temperature on October 21st was 66 degrees, the high temperature on October 26th was 63 degrees and the high temperature on October 31st was 60 degrees. It appears that the high temperatures on every fifth day are forming an arithmetic sequence. If this sequence were to continue, on what date would the high temperature be 33 degrees?
ANSWER: December 15th

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  1. This video homework actually really works and helps me learn!!! THX!! :)