Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Update 4/23-4/27

Homework Schedule


Course 2: Worksheet
Pre-Algebra: Pg 259 # 1-25 odd


Course 2: Pg 453 #6-13 all
Pre-Algebra: Chapter 5 TEST


Course 2: Study for Test
Pre-Algebra: Glossary; Pg 402 #10-32 even, 38


Course 2: Chapter 8 TEST
Pre-Algebra: Pg 407 #10-26 even, 40


Course 2: Are You Ready Worksheet?
Pre-Algebra: Pg 413 #12-24 all

Challenge Problem of the Week

Heather noticed that the high temperature on October
21st was 66 degrees, the high temperature on October
26th was 63 degrees and the high temperature on
October 31st was 60 degrees. It appears that the high
temperatures on every fifth day are forming an arithmetic
sequence. If this sequence were to continue, on what date
would the high temperature be 33 degrees?

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  1. Our homework schedule for Pre-Algebra will be changing a little bit, more on this tomorrow!